Who is in My Family?

Things you'll need for this activity

  • PapePicture5.png
  • Textas/pencils
  • Photos (optional)
  • Pictures from the local paper or magazines (optional)

What is the learning in this activity? 

Ages: For ages 4 & up

Purpose: This is a fun activity to help children explore their families, neighbourhoods and communities. It helps children identify their own supports and helpers in the community.

Let's do!

  • Trace around your hand/s. Use this as the template for drawing onto - each finger will represent a person. Their face or name can be added to the drawing.
  • Talk to your child about the different people in their family/school/neighbourhood, and what each of them do.
  • Ask your child to draw each person onto the fingers and help them to add any words or other details they’d like to include.
  • Reflect together on these people and how they fit into your child’s world.


Let's talk

Extension - * there may be lots of thoughts and questions that children will bring up as they draw. ‘Tuning in’ to the moment brings rewarding interactions.

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Download a printable copy(PDF, 473KB)