Advocacy Agenda 2024

Together with our community, Council has shaped a strong vision for Yarra Ranges as a thriving and resilient municipality – the best place in Australia to live, work and visit.

In 2024, we are launching a refreshed Advocacy Agenda that highlights key opportunities to unlock the immense potential of our region.

By working together with the Victorian and Commonwealth Governments, we can generate critical investment and policy shifts that will:

  • create vibrant townships with infrastructure and amenities to keep our communities connected, healthy and active
  • provide better transport connectivity, making it easier to move across the urban, hills and valley regions by car, train, bus or bike
  • strengthen resilience across our local communities, businesses and critical services, including telecommunications and energy, in the face of extreme weather events
  • make our roads safer and our drainage systems more effective to reduce flooding, enable safer evacuation in emergencies and ensure local growers can transport their prized products to market in-tact
  • accelerate the transition to net zero through electrification and expansion of renewable energy systems
  • protect our natural environment and ecosystems, including precious endangered plant and animal species
  • increase housing opportunities, to deliver the safety and security our communities need and deserve 
  • create world-class experiences and build infrastructure to support our agricultural and tourism industries to thrive – creating jobs for locals and bolstering our state and national economies


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