Finger knitting


Things you'll need for this activity

  • Your fingers or a stick or thin piece of wood

  • Thread - wool, yarn, or native grass 

What you'll learn in this activity 

Ages: Age 3-100

Purpose: Creative fun activity supported fine motor development, hand eye co-ordination and concentration. This is a great mindfulness activity!

Let's play!

  1. Take your thread and drape it over your pointer finger or a piece of wood. The end of the thread should be farthest away from you and the length of thread closest to you. Press the pieces of thread together with your thumb to hold them in place.

  2. Take the long end of the thread and loop it over the finger again - going under to back and over to the front - making sure this loop goes in front (nearest your finger tip) of the wool that’s already there.

  3.  Now take the original loop and pull it across the second loop and over your finger tip. Make sure the thread stays under your thumb and does not untwist.

  4. Now repeat. Make another loop over your finger in the same way. Again pull the first loop over the second one and your finger tip and pull out the slack.

  5. Repeat, repeat, repeat - you’re knitting!

Step by step guide to finger knitting

Let's talk

Qs - How long can you make your finger knitting? Can we measure it?

Extension - Older children might like to try finger knitting on two, three or four fingers. Jump online to look at different ways to use your fingers to knit up creations - like animals, bracelets, necklaces and more!

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