Bark Painting

bark thumbnail image.jpg

Things you'll need for this activity

  • Paint
  • Bark from a tree or paper bark
  • Native grasses or wool
  • Paint brush, stick, finger or cotton bud
  • Whole puncher
  • Plastic lid

What you'll learn in this activity 

Ages: Ages 2-100

Purpose: Creative fun activity encouraging respect and exploration of nature, and supporting fine motor development and eye hand co-ordination.


Let's play!

  1. Think about your environment and the things that are important to you, or perhaps a story you’d like to share. What kinds of images might you use to express your feeling or your story? Think about animals, people and places.

  2. Choose the bark that you would like to paint on. Paper bark is the best bark to use, if you can find it nearby. You can also join the bark before or after painting by hole punching and threading with wool or grasses.

  3. Choose the coloured paints that you would like to use and squeeze the paint onto the lid - where you can use and mix it (this is called your palette).

  4. Use a paint brush, stick, your finger or cotton buds to create the images that are important to you onto your bark.

 Bark painting.png

Let's talk

Qs - Tell me about your painting?  Does it tell a story? What are the images that you have created and what do they mean to you?

Extension - Each of your bark paintings could be used to tell a different part of your story, and stitched together to create a book or piece to hang on the wall.

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Download a printable copy(PDF, 477KB)