Valley Community Recovery Committee

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Round 1 grant program now closed

About the Valley Community Recovery Committee

Meet our members: 

  • Alison Gommers:
  • Bruce Argyle, Bendigo Bank representative
  • Cr Fiona McAllister (Co-Chair)
  • Jillian Edwards (Co-Chair):
  • Kathleen Holton:
  • Leigh Harry (Co-Chair):
  • Maree Rothwell:
  • Michelle Zwagerman:
  • Shona Rimmer:

Our Committee is one of four established by the Yarra Ranges Council to help identify recovery priorities, particularly following the June 2021 storm and COVID19 pandemic. Our focus is the townships of Badger Creek, Chum Creek, Dixons Creek, Gruyere, Healesville, Steels Creek, Yarra Glen and Yering.

We meet the second Thursday of each month and volunteer to work with the Yarra Ranges Council in support of community-led engagement, preparedness and recovery.

Our purpose is to:

Develop and implement an inaugural Valley Regional Recovery Plan that identifies and prioritises activities or services that help individuals and community groups to rebuild, reconnect, and be ready to cope with future shocks and disruption.

To do this we will:

  • expand our knowledge of the need across the municipality and the services available
  • lead, drive and facilitate – playing a bridging role, acting as knowledge brokers between council and community groups, sharing information, raising issues, developing/influencing plans and actions as needed
  • listen to local communities and facilitate broad input into Committee decision-making and the development of the Valley Regional Recovery Plan
  • assemble and advocate for community recovery programs, processes, services, and activities that reflect the needs of the local communities Valley
  • enable others to reach and support people in need
  • ensure transparency, focus and accountability

If you would like to know more, feel free to contact a member of the Committee. Our Terms of Reference can be downloaded here: Appendix-to-terms-of-reference.docx.pdf(PDF, 192KB)

Minutes for past meetings:

20-01-Storm-Event-June-2021-Regional-Community-Recovery-Committee-Valley.pdf(PDF, 109KB)

(PDF, 109KB) 17-02-Storm-Event-June-2021-Regional-Community-Recovery-Committee-Valley.pdf(PDF, 162KB)

10-03-Storm-Event-June-2021-Regional-Community-Recovery-Committee-Valley.pdf(PDF, 183KB)

12-05-Storm-Event-June-2021-Regional-Community-Recovery-Committee-Valley.pdf(PDF, 164KB)

14-07-Storm-Event-June-2021-Regional-Community-Recovery-Committee-Valley.pdf(PDF, 170KB)