Storm and Pandemic Survey FAQS

General FAQ'S

Why do we need a survey

Council is conducting this survey to fully understand the impact the COVID-19 pandemic and the severe storm event on 9 June 2021 is having on the community. The survey will collect the views and experiences of community members over the next 12 months and beyond.


What will happen to the results

Results from this survey will be used to monitor the effectiveness of Pandemic and Storm Event Recovery Programs being implemented now and over the next few years.

Council has committed funds to help drive recovery in the community. The information gathered through this survey will ensure that these funds are directed to activities and programs that support those most impacted by the pandemic and storm event.


How often will the survey happen?

To ensure regular feedback is gathered, the survey will be conducted three times a year.


Who can complete the survey?

Anyone 15 years or older, who lives, works, studies or has a strong connection to Yarra Ranges is encouraged to complete the survey.


What if i didn't complete the first survey?

Your experiences are important and you can still take part. We are looking for a broad sample of people from across Yarra Ranges to complete the survey. The surveys are all confidential and will not be connected to previous responses.


Where can i find the results from the first and second survey?