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Burning Off

No burning off permitted
CFA Declared Fire Danger Period is ACTIVE

The declared fire danger period for Yarra Ranges commenced on Monday 19 November 2018. 

Please visit the CFA Website for more information regarding the Declared Fire Danger Period.

During the CFA Declared Fire Danger Period, property owners can apply to the Municipal Fire Prevention Officer for CFA Schedule 13 Permit to Burn, for fire hazard reduction purposes only. Applications will only be considered where there are extenuating circumstances and the material is presenting a significant fire risk and where there is no alternative.

Burning off for any other purpose (eg: Biosecurity reasons) will require a CFA Schedule 14 Permit to Burn issued through the local CFA District Office located at 18-22 Lakeview Drive, Lilydale 3140, Phone: 8739 1300.

Please refer to the CFA Website for conditions and further information before applying for a Permit: CFA Website: Fire Danger Period Permits


When can I burn off for fuel reduction purposes?

Burning off is currently not permitted as CFA has declared a Fire Danger Period.

Outside of Fire Danger Periods, burning off restrictions will differ depending on what category your property is in. To find out what category your property is in, enter your address on our My Neighbourhood page. Ensure that all suffixes such as "street" or "road" are spelled out in full.

For information on burning off, read the fact sheet below that matches your property category:

If you are wanting to burn on a day that is not permitted or burn larger quantities of material - please apply for an Open Air Burning Permit Open Air Burning Permit  (PDF, 875KB)


Open Air Burning Category

 Did you know that you can apply to have your Open Air Burning Category reviewed?

This application is reserved for residents who believe they may be in the wrong category. Once submitted, Safer Communities will assess your application considering the following criteria:

  • Property size
  • Property location
  • Property characteristics including topography and vegetation
  • Surrounding open air burning categories
  • Access to other green waste maintenance methods
  • Fire preparedness

If you are not an owner of the property you wish to have reviewed, you must complete the Property Owner Authorisation Form (DOCX, 37KB) prior to applying. The form can be attached online at the time you're applying.


Open Air Burning Local Law

Council adopted a new Open Air Burning Local Law on 24 July, 2018.

The Local Law was developed to achieve a greater balance between managing fire risk, addressing environmental and health concerns.  

Read the new 2018 Open Air Burning Local Law (PDF, 646KB).

If you need any further information regarding the Open Air Burning Local Law 2018, please contact the Safer Communities team on 1300 368 333.


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