Montrose Brickworks Flora Reserve

James Walker ran a small scale brick company from 1891. The bricks were hand made from red porous or white kaolin clay dug at the site. The clay was unique to this location. James sold the bricks from a store on the corner of Mount Dandenong Road and Montrose Road name “Rose Mont”. The original brickworks site closed in 1920.

The Montrose Brickworks Flora Reserve is crawling with paths, ferns, grasses and tall trees which take you away from the urban suburbs with only a distant whir of passing cars.

Several Ecological Vegetation Classes (EVC) are present within the reserve and represent most of the EVCs remaining in the Montrose area, including four that are listed as vulnerable.

A well-formed path network runs throughout the reserve allowing access to this intact vegetation, with adequate parking available for those that are keen to experience the natural values that Brickworks Flora Reserve has to offer.


342 Cambridge Road, Montrose 3765  View Map

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