Birdsland Reserve

Birdsland reserve opening with school students at indigenous signage

A 75 hectare bushland reserve with a long history.

The Wurundjeri people lived in the region around Birdsland, however it was cleared for grazing and crop production around 150 years ago 

The Birds family owned the site from about 1940 and used it for sheep farming. 

In order to save the site from urban development, the Shire of Sherbrooke purchased Birdsland in 1981 and opened it to the public in 1984 as a community bushland reserve.

The park has walking, riding and mountain biking trails. The Dargon Trail connects trail users to Lysterfield Lake Park.

Many species of native wildlife find sanctuary at Birdsland. Over 130 different native birds have been identified in the reserve including the Wedgetail Eagle and Powerful Owl. Birdsland supports over 200 species of native plants.

Birdsland is located around 50 minutes from Melbourne. The park opens at 7.30am daily. Closing times vary seasonally, please check signs at park entrance for closing time.

Dogs are required to be on lead at all times. 

High Fire Rating Days

Birdsland Reserve will be closed on days rated High, Extreme or Catastrophic by the CFA. 

Council’s Bushfire Season Workplace Relations Policy determines the level of service and safety Council can provide for staff and the public within various levels of bushfire risk. The Policy was recently amended in line with the newly introduced National FIRE Behaviour Index and as a result Council’s capacity to protect community and staff may be reduced, resulting in the need to close facilities on high fire risk days.

This is the first fire danger period where the new rules have been implemented resulting in Birdsland Reserve being closed on high risk days. As a result of public feedback Council will factor in local conditions and consistency before amending the decision to close facilities so long as it is considered reasonable and safe to do so.


Southern Dandenong Community Nursery

Located within Birdsland Reserve, the Southern Dandenong Community Nursery is open at the following times:

  • Tue: 9.00am – 4.30pm
  • Fri: 9.00am - 1.00pm
  • Sun: 9.00am – 12 noon

Call the nursery on 0408 966 278 or  emails



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