Waste Services Policy and Community Waste and Resource Recovery Plan

Requirements and Responsibilities of Council to provide Waste Services

The Victorian legislation Circular Economy (Waste Reduction and Recycling) Act 2021 states Council must provide services for collection of general rubbish, recycling, food and garden organics, and separate glass before 2030. Council must comply with the Victorian service standards (what waste items can go in each bin or collection service).

The Recycle Victoria A New Economy Policy 2020 outlines the goals the whole state is aiming to achieve including reducing our individual waste generation by 15%, avoiding sending 80% of all our waste to landfill by increasing the ways in which we can recycle and compost. It also requires every Victorian household to have access to food and garden organic composting and aiming to halve the amount of organic material going into landfill before 2030.

The waste services are based on full cost recovery: the Council waste charge reflects what it actually costs to collect and dispose of all wastes generated in our community. The Local Government Act 1989 & 2020 states that Council are able to apply charges for services required and provided including the collection and disposal of waste, recycling and resource recovery services.

Yarra Ranges Council’s Community Waste and Resource Recovery Plan supports and strengthens the state mandated goals through a number of planned initiatives, actions and increased waste and resource recovery education for everyone in the Yarra Ranges community. 

Yarra Ranges Council Community Waste Survey

In 2021 Council conducted a community waste survey to inform the future development of a new community waste plan.

To find out more about the 2021 community waste survey and read the summary report, please visit the Shaping Yarra Ranges Community Waste Survey webpage. 

Kerbside Waste Audit 2023

The Yarra Ranges Kerbside Waste Audit was conducted in 2023. The audit was conducted to determine the average composition of each bin (rubbish, recycling, green waste) and any issues that may need to be addressed (e.g. contamination of recycling, e-waste disposal). 

Read the Kerbside Waste Audit 2023(PDF, 1MB)

Community Waste and Resource Recovery Plan

The Yarra Ranges Community Waste and Resource Recovery plan was adopted by Council in 2023. 

Resource Recovery and Waste Services Policy

The Resource Recovery and Waste Services Policy was adopted by Council in August 2023.