Environmental webinars

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Fauna monitoring in Yarra Ranges

Frogs of Yarra Ranges

Wildlife Rescue

Bushfire risk and vegetation management

Indian Myna Bird

Birds of Yarra Ranges

Up Close & Personal with Nature – Claire Dunn

Powerful Owl Webinar


Secret World of Lyrebirds – Alex Maisey

Kick start your plastic free life

Who lives in my garden – local marsupials

Who lives in my garden – reptiles

Platypus - How to Search for an Australian Icon

Native Garden Plants

20 Favourite Birds of the Yarra Ranges

Agile Antechinus and the secret life of a bushland reserve

What happens after dark

Introduction to Nature Journaling with Paula Peeters

Artificial Habitat Hollows

Nature Journaling in Your Garden

Electric Vehicles and Charging Infrastructure

iNaturalist Community Champions 2023