Fire danger ratings

Fire dating rating scale

Fire danger ratings are available on the CFA website. Council services may change on fire risk days. 

All services and facilities in high risk areas will be closed for 24 hours from midnight on a Code Red day. Some services may be closed on Extreme fire risk days and some may be modified on Severe days.

Find out what services will be affected on Code Red, Extreme and Severe fire danger rating days.

How can I find out if there are any fires nearby?

Dealing with high fire risks

In the Yarra Ranges, high fire risk often happens at the same time as a heat wave. Find out how to keep cool during a heat wave.

Prepare for possible power outages with a battery-operated radio, a charged phone that doesn’t rely on mains power and a torch. Find out more about power outages

Livestock and horses need to be removed early or moved to low risk areas early in the day. Find out more at the Department of Environment and Primary Industries.