Apply for works permit in a road reserve


Step 1.Apply

Council consent is required to conduct work within a road reserve or easement where Yarra Ranges Council is the responsible authority. This includes:

  • constructing, altering or removing a vehicle crossing
  • service connections
  • drainage and stormwater connections

Things to note:

  • If the work is to be completed on a declared arterial road (road managed by VicRoads) a planning permit may be required.
  • If you are constructing a Council asset or an outfall drain, you need to apply for Construction of a Council Asset (Maintenance and Surveillance) permit. Apply for works under $100,000 or over $100,000

Complete the details, including property address and the works your completing.

Step 2.Assessment

Should your application/proposed works be approved you will receive a Works Permit with $273.00 permit fee, and a security bond (where applicable).

Please allow 10 business days for us to process your application.

Apply to carry out works within a road reserve

Examples of vehicle crossings

There are a diverse range of properties in Yarra Ranges including typical suburban streetscapes in urban areas, to large rural properties.  Roads may be asphalt roads with concrete kerb and channel drainage or unmade gravel roads with open culvert drains.

The choice of vehicle crossover construction will need to be considered by Council officers, and if required, made up of several different construction methods chosen to best suit the property. 

Common examples


Step 1

Stormwater must be connected to a legally approved point of discharge. A point of discharge is usually an underground drain, kerbs or open table drains.

To meet our stormwater drainage requirements for a planning or building permit, please follow these steps:

Apply for a stormwater point of discharge certificate

  • Please allow 10 working days for us to assess this application.

  • The construction of an outfall drain to the nearest Council asset may be required.

  • Fee $65.40.


Step 2

Submit your stormwater drainage plans and computations

  • Refer to your planning permit for your stormwater drainage requirements.

  • Please allow 20 working days for us to assess this application.

  • Fee varies from $175 to $1000.


Step 3

Apply for a works within a road reserve permit

  • A works within a road reserve permit is required to install any new stormwater connection.

  • Please allow 10 working days for us to assess this application.

  • Fee $240.50. Security bond (where applicable) $1000.