Amendment C207 - Heritage Overlays in Lilydale

Council considered the submissions to the Amendment on Tuesday 11 April 2023 and resolved to appoint an independent Panel to consider the submissions.


Exhibition of Amendment C207 closed 12 December 2022. 

During work on the Lilydale Structure Plan in 2020-21, it was identified that there are some properties in Lilydale that are not currently protected by a Heritage Overlay, but which are properties that potentially have heritage significance.

Council undertook heritage studies, ‘Lilydale Stage 1a Heritage Gap Study Peer Review (Extent Heritage Pty Ltd, 2021), and Review of Stage 1b Lilydale Heritage Review Gap Study: Lilydale Heritage Study (Extent Heritage Pty Ltd, 2021)’, which recommended to address this issue by making changes to the Yarra Ranges Planning Scheme. These studies are attached on this page.

Amendment C207 proposes to apply a Heritage Overlay to 13 properties for the first time, based on the above studies. In addition, there are changes proposed to a  further 7 properties that currently are covered by a heritage overlay but have outdated or incorrect information associated with them in the Planning Scheme.

A detailed description of the proposed changes is available in the Explanatory Report, attached on this page. 

Street Trees

Two of the Heritage Overlays (HO77 and HO401) relate to Lilydale’s historic street trees.

HO77 protects the ‘Queens Jubilee’ trees located on the Maroondah Highway, between Cavehill Road and Olinda Creek. These oaks and elms were primarily planted as a commemoration of Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee in a community event held in 1897.

HO401 protects historic trees in other parts of the town, such as Anderson Street, Castella Street, Clarke Street, Cave Hill Road, The Eyrie, Main Street and along the western boundary of the Lilydale Recreation Reserve. These are various species planted from 1897 to 1920 on Lilydale’s annual ‘Arbor Days’, which were organised community events involving concerts, picnics and other festivities.

As part of C207, Council's heritage information (background documents) will be updated to include reports for HO77 and HO401 with an inventory of trees, which will identify whether a tree is of heritage significance or not. The trees shown in the inventories are numbered to correspond to the GIS mapping feature available below.

In order to find information on the trees in the online mapping page, please follow the instructions attached on this page.

The purpose of identifying significant trees is to guide future decision making on tree removal and maintenance. Some of the trees are younger and may not be of heritage significance. All the listed trees will be protected by a Heritage Overlay and are on public land. However, if works are proposed in the future which may impact trees, the revised heritage information will be used to provide guidance in decision making. 

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