Amendment C197 - Planning Scheme Corrections

Exhibition of Amendment C197 closed 18 July 2022. A report considering the submissions was presented to Council on 13 September 2022, at which time Council resolved to split the amendment into two parts,  with a decision to adopt Part 1. A report considering Part 2 was presented to Council on 22 November 2022.

Both Part 1 and Part 2 of C197 have now been adopted by Council and currently with the Minister for Planning awaiting approval.

Amendment C197 is a general ‘clean-up’ amendment that includes a number of changes across the planning scheme to help improve its accuracy and transparency. The amendment aims to remove inappropriate or redundant planning controls to make the scheme and associated mapping easier to navigate.

Amendment C197 proposes to correct zoning inaccuracies and anomalies, make corrections and alterations to the schedule and mapping to the Heritage Overlay, deletes the Restructure Overlay from properties where it is no longer required, removes redundant schedules to the Development Plan Overlay and applies the relevant Design and Development Overlay and Significant Landscape Overlay to required locations.

What does this amendment do?

The amendment proposes to:

  • Correct zoning inaccuracies and anomalies by rezoning or partially rezoning 34 properties, plus five areas of river or road reserve, where the existing zoning does not reflect the existing or intended use of the land or to correct mapping boundary errors to align with property boundaries.
  • Amend the schedule to the Heritage Overlay by updating street numbers and site names and descriptions applying to 192 heritage places. Currently the entries show the street or road of the heritage place address, but not the street number.  To aid in proper identification of these places, street numbers are being added to the address details in the schedule.  Properties affected this part of the amendment should be aware that the zone and overlay controls will remain unchanged.
  • Remove Heritage Overlay HO365 from the site of the former Healesville-Koo Wee Rup Road bridge over the Little Yarra River in Woori Yallock.
  • Amend the mapping for HO353 (Cement Creek Plantation) to show the correct extent of the heritage overlay to the site.
  • Amend the mapping for HO368 (Yarra Glen War Memorial) to recognise the memorial’s relocation to Anzac Park and delete the non-heritage memorial hall that is not of heritage significance.
  • Remove Restructure Overlay RO109 from 35 Fernbank Road, Healesville, update the schedule to the Restructure Overlay, the schedule to Documents Incorporated into this Scheme (Clause 72.04), and includes the updated incorporated document Restructure Plan for Old and Inappropriate Subdivisions in the Yarra Ranges Council in the Planning Scheme.
  • Delete two redundant Development Plan Overlays from land that has been developed in accordance with the endorsed development plans. DPO4 applies to 1-5 Central Avenue, Mooroolbark and DPO6 applies to 1 Neryl Court, Mooroolbark. The DPO outcomes have been addressed through planning permit application and the land is fully developed.
  • Apply Design and Development Overlay (DDO8) and Significant Landscape Overlay (SLO22) to 23 Hoddle Street, Yarra Junction, and to that part of 21 Hoddle Street that is being rezoned to General Residential Zone.
  • Apply Design and Development Overlay DDO12: Town Centres – Healesville, Monbulk, Seville, Warburton, Yarra Glen and Yarra Junction to 133 Maroondah Highway, Healesville.

Why is the amendment needed?

The changes proposed under the amendment will improve the accuracy and transparency of the planning scheme. They will remove inappropriate or redundant planning controls and help facilitate the viable future use of land.

Should you require further information contact Hannah Elliott, Strategic Planner on (03) 9294 6985 or