Apply for your neighbours details (Fencing Act 1968)

Under the Victorian Fences Act 1968, property owners and their neighbours have equal responsibility for dividing fences and the cost involved in building and maintaining them.

If you would like to build or repair a fence and can’t directly contact your neighbour (i.e. vacant land), you can request limited details from Council.


Step 1.Complete the application form 

You'll need to provide your contact details,including a mailing address and the reason for the enquiry.

Step 2.Application processed

Your application will be processed within 5 working days. You will receive the property owners surname and mailing address only. No other personal information will be provided.

The details will be sent through Australia Post.

The information is provided on the understanding that the details will only be used to give notice under the Fences Act 1968 to the adjoining owner, that the details will not be retained, copied or shared for unrelated purposes and that the details will be kept secure at all times.

Apply online 


Fencing disputes

Please note: Fencing issues or disputes are not a Council matter but rather a civil issue between you and your neighbour. If you are having difficulties or disputes in regard to your boundary fencing, contact the Disputes Settlement Centre of Victoria on 1300 372 888 or visit their website: Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria

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