Apply for Council Consent

Siting requirements are controlled by part four of the building regulations. There are four types of Council consent, details of each are listed below, including links to apply.  

'Report and Consent' (dispensation) is required if the building design does not meet siting requirements under the residential code.

Consents are provided for:

  • Maximum street setback
  • Minimum street setback
  • Building height
  • Site coverage
  • Permeability
  • Car parking
  • Side and rear setbacks
  • Walls or carports on boundaries
  • Daylight to existing/new habitable rooms
  • Solar access to existing north facing habitable rooms
  • Overshadowing of secluded private open space
  • Overlooking
  • Private open space
  • Siting of outbuildings
  • Front fence height
  • Fence setbacks from rear or side boundaries
  • Fences on side or rear boundaries
  • Fences on street alignment
  • Fences and daylight to existing habitable room windows
  • Fences and solar access to existing north facing habitable room windows
  • Fences and overshadowing of recreational private space
  • Masts, poles etc

Complete the application

Download and complete the application form, along with the credit card authorisation form(PDF, 208KB) for $299.80 per regulation dispensation.

Email your completed application 

Send your application to

Download the application form(PDF, 139KB)

You also require our consent to:

  • Build over an easement - apply online now
  • Project beyond street alignment
  • To allow erection of precaution over the street alignment (hoardings)*
  • Build above or below certain public facilities
  • Construct a building on land subject to flooding (Building in Flood Prone Areas)
  • Build on land subject to uncontrolled overland drainage

Complete an application for non rescode consent(PDF, 173KB) along with payment of $299.80 (or *$304.30 for hoardings) which can be made either:

Consent for temporary structures

Temporary structures, like those used in events are also controlled by the regulations affecting siting requirements.

Before constructing temporary structures, complete the application for siting consent of temporary structures(PDF, 159KB) and return along with the credit card payment form(PDF, 208KB)  and return as two separate attachments to

The fee is $299.80.

When completing an application please ensure that all the requested documentation is included or this will create a delay in our response.

You may require Council consent to conduct:

  • Demolitions
  • Alterations
  • Additions to a building

Your building surveyor can advise you if you need to apply for consent.