Governance rules

Council adopted its Governance Rules at the Council Meeting held on 23 August 2022. These are required under section 60 of the Local Government Act 2020 and deal with the following:

  • the conduct of Council meetings
  • the conduct of meetings of:
    • delegated committees
    • community asset committees
    • joint council meetings
  •  the form and availability of meeting records
  • the election of the Mayor and the Deputy Mayor
  • the appointment of an Acting Mayor
  • public participation at Council meetings
  • the use of Council’s Common Seal
  • an election period policy in accordance with section 69
  • the procedures for the disclosure of a conflict of interest in respect of a matter:
    • to be considered at a Council meeting; o to be considered at a meeting of a delegated committee
    • to be considered at a meeting of a community asset committee
    • that arises in the course of the exercise of a power of delegation by a member of Council staff; or
    • that arises in the course of the exercise of a statutory function under this Act or any other Act

The Governance Rules also provide for Council, when considering matters, to make decisions fairly and on the merits, and to institute decision-making processes to ensure that any person whose rights will be directly affected by a decision of the Council is entitled and able to communicate their views and have their interests considered.