Complaint and Unreasonable Behaviour Policy

Whilst we always strive to meet our community’s expectations, sometimes we may not. When this happens, we want to use a consistent, fair, and equitable resolution process and work with our community to understand and improve.

The Policy will:

  • protect and promote the community’s right to provide feedback, a compliment or make a complaint;
  • ensure that complaints are investigated and responded to in an appropriate, consistent, and effective manner;
  • inform the community of the internal and external procedures for managing feedback and complaints;
  • protect and promote the human rights of all people involved in complaints, and ensure that proper consideration of relevant human rights issues occurs throughout the complaint handling process; 
  • commit to effective management of and learning from complaints.

The Policy shows how we will:

  • enable complaints to be made;
  • respond to complaints we receive; and
  • learn and improve from complaints.

The Policy helps us to:

  • improve standards of services to our community;
  • raise standards of investigation and decision making through clear processes;
  • ensure a fair and equitable approach and improve internal complaint handling; and
  • reduce recurring complaints.