Community Vision 2036



Whether you live here or visit, you will see how much we care for Country, how inclusive and connected our communities are, and how balanced growth makes this the best place in the world.


The vision statement has been developed by Council to describe Council’s aspirations for the future of the municipality - how we would like Council to be in 2036.

It was based on the ideas of more than 1,000 members of our community, captured in late 2016. This vision was checked with our Community Panel and the broader community again in 2021.

The revised Community Vision 2036 now reflects the community’s future aspirations for the municipality.

In 2036 Yarra Ranges is a wonderful place to live, and a world-class destination for visitors and investors who make a significant contribution to prosperity within the region. Our community members are proud of where they live. Their values are respected, they feel connected and they place health and wellbeing as a priority.

The municipality’s natural beauty, stunning landscapes and reputation for exceptional local produce is enhanced, and have a significant influence on decisions made regarding sustainable growth and development in the region.

A focus on responsible eco-tourism projects, access to digital services, networks and infrastructure and balanced economic development has enhanced the region’s reputation and improved quality of life for all. The look and feel of our commercial and industrial areas, and their environmental characteristics, has improved. Our roads, paths and other infrastructure are well maintained.

Our townships are designed to improve liveability and support health and wellbeing through improved footpaths, trails, lighting and infrastructure. Advocacy for innovative and state of the art transport solutions has improved access to important community services, new and upgraded facilities, infrastructure and jobs. ‘Gateways’ into Yarra Ranges and other areas throughout the municipality now strengthen the identity of the First Nations people, their culture, stories, history and progress towards reconciliation. This connection strengthens our collective identity, our culture and heritage and creates a sense of belonging for our diverse community. Educational facilities build the skills of our people and develop our leaders to strengthen communities and support local employment.

Our community members are passionate about where they live. They contribute their time, volunteering to support people in need, and their voice, providing feedback to Council about issues that impact them. Through a local planning approach, the strength of local communities and their sense of place is enhanced, recognising they are diverse and have different needs to support their health, safety and wellbeing, while also embracing the commonalities they share in calling Yarra Ranges home.

Yarra Ranges is known to prioritise sustainability and the protection of biodiversity and habitat. Regenerative farming practices are used to protect precious agricultural land that nourishes our community with access to healthy, locally grown food. The community has taken steps to actively mitigate against Climate Change and be prepared for natural disasters including bushfire planning.

Services are accessible, gender equitable and inclusive catering to all ages, genders and abilities. Our community is healthy and active, with easy access to recreational facilities and cultural activities that are available for everyone. Disadvantaged residents are well supported through partnerships between government, business and community organisations.

At the heart of our vision is an authentic desire for Council to engage and listen to all members of our community, including our young people, and respond to their needs and aspirations. We are visible, transparent, accountable and communicate clearly and honestly.

Council resources are managed responsibly, and principles of fairness and consistency are applied to avoid unnecessary burdens for rate payers. Through expertise, insight, technology and creativity, Council is a leader in striving for excellence and delivering best practice services for the community.

We inspire people to create a better future.