Ray's Story

Ray's Story

My name is Raymond Cooper, I have been involved in the Living Stories project with the intention of connecting with others who have stammered all their lives.

I had that curse up to the age of 34 years which had held me back all my early years, including seeking employment opportunities requiring minimal communication skills.

After I challenged myself to seek help and get rid of the stammer my life changed, turning into a workaholic taking on the most difficult projects which included lecturing around 100 people at a time without any hesitation.

I feel I am 95% over it except on a really cold day and being tired where it can appear for a few seconds, but I quickly shut it back into my deep memories.

Remember no child is born with a stutter, it is acquired, and in my opinion breathing exercises can help some but I think there are better options, my recovery only took a short time and once you overcome the stammer you will see a bright new world.


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