Mental Health First Aid - Community Partnership Program 2023-2024

The project uses an approach where we can increase the capacity of our communities and work together to support people that are experiencing mental health illness, crisis and challenges and help improve mental health literacy. 

What we will deliver

The project will:
  • Partner with community organisations and deliver a total of 12 MHFA training courses to residents and volunteers of Yarra Ranges.
  • Deliver 1 standard MHFA Course and 1 specialty MHFA course in each region of the Yarra Ranges.
  • Run 3 community of practice sessions for MHFAers who have completed their training.

What have we done

Between February 2021 and June 2022 we:
  • Partnered with 7 community organisation delivering a total of 16 MHFA courses courses to residents and volunteers of Yarra Ranges.
  • Had 201 participants from 37 townships attend the courses representing 46 community groups and organisations
  • Yarra Ranges Council Youth Team delivered 15 Youth and Teen MHFA course to 284 participants across 9 schools.


The Yarra Ranges MHFA Community Partnership Program 2023-2024 looks to build upon this great work and continue to build resilient communities.