Feeling unsafe or need advice? Help is at hand


Has the behaviour of your partner or family member/s made you feel threatened or unsafe? No matter what the external stressors, violence is never okay.

You are not alone. If you feel frightened or are needing advice, help and support, or a safe place to stay during the COVID-19 pandemic there are organisations that will provide assistance.

Orange Door

Orange Door is the specialist family violence service in Melbourne’s Outer Eastern Area's. 

You should contact The Orange Door if:
  • someone close to you is hurting you, controlling you or making you feel afraid – such as your partner, family member, carer or parent(s)
  • you are a child or young person who doesn’t have what you need to be OK 
  • you are worried about the safety of a friend or family member
  • you need more support with the care of children, e.g. due to money issues, illness, addiction, grief, isolation or conflict 
  • you are worried about the safety of a child or young person
  • you need help to change your behaviour and stop using violence in your relationships


Contact Orange Door

Call 1800 271 150, Monday-Friday 9am-5pm or email: OEMA@orangedoor.vic.gov.au

If it is not safe to call, you can email safesteps@safesteps.org.au or have someone you know contact safe steps on your behalf – support is available regardless of whether you want to stay in the relationship or leave.