Investigating toadstool and fungi

THUMBNAIL toadstools.jpg

It’s that time of year again, when you will see all sorts of Toadstools and Fungi bursting out  of the ground or from damp wood. This is the perfect time as the soil is warm and with the rain, this creates the perfect environment for fungi to grow.

Remember not to touch, just look as toadstools and fungus can be poisonous!


  • Just you and a grown up
  • Walking shoes
  • (you might like to photograph the different types) or draw them later


3y and up with an older person

Let's play!

  1. Take a walk in your back yard, local park or bushland and see what you can find.
  2. You may like to take a pencil and paper to draw them or take photos to print out later.
  3. Children may like to make playdough toadstools, draw or paint some of the fungi they find. Older children might like to find a book or search the internet about the different types of fungi and start a nature observation book 

Let's talk

This activity is a great ‘teachable moment’; an opportunity to encourage children to extend their language, knowledge & skills - notice what your child is interested in, teach by showing, by naming and describing what you see and by giving feedback You can notice color’s, shapes, sizes, textures and environment where the fungi are growing.