Vocabulary of the Time by Jacinta Birchall

It’s unprecedented

There’s no rule book for this

We’re all in this together

Stay home

Essential services only

It’s a petri dish out there

PPE what’s PPE?

Supplies have dried up

Supplies are due in tomorrow

Essential purchases only

Stop hoarding just stop it

We’ve got to flatten the curve

Go for a walk

Flatten the curve

Ride your bike, walk your dog

Flatten the curve

Stay at home

Two’s a party, three’s a crowd

It’s a petri dish out there

Schools are a petri dish

Child care is a petri dish

Don’t visit your grand parents

Don’t visit your parents

Stay at home

Take care of your parents

Did you wash your hands?


Did you wash your hands?


Come into the room when I’m talking to you!

Minimum of two only, thank you for understanding

Give it back!

No, I need them!

It’s just toilet paper!

Don’t eat that


I was saving it, it’s mine

No it’s mine

It’s mine

No it’s mine

Go outside, draw a fucking rainbow

Novel Coronavirus

Write a novel

Make a basket

Paint a masterpiece

Use the downtime

Get out in the garden

Take care of your mental health

Can I have a drink yet?

Zoom your friends

Facetime is great

Zoom’s not working

My internet is shit

This is unprecedented

We’re all in this together

We have to flatten the curve

I’m working from home

I’m working remotely

My my my my Corona!

I was Covid-19

The death toll is rising

Italy is more than China now

New York is more than Italy now

This is unprecedented

We have no rule book for this

Stay at home

Are you working from home?

Are you working?

Social distancing

Physical distancing

Distance yourself

Keep your distance

You’re hurting me

Just stop it

Can I have a drink yet?

Grab a slab

Order a case

Essential purchases only

We’re going on line

Deliveries only

This is crazy

This is weird

Yeah, it’s unprecedented

We have no rule book for this

We’re all in this petri dish together

Get off the beach

Stay at home, stay the fuck at home

Don’t think about the families in abusive homes

I can’t do that

You have all the time in the world

Learn something new

Study at home

Centrelink queues

Care packages

Relief packages, billions, trillions

We got it early, we’ll be ok

No need to shut borders, we got it early

We are safe

Ok so we need to make a change

The air is clear

Venetian canals have dolphins

It’s so quiet out there

People are amazing

Singing from balconies

While Welsh mountain goats take over the world

Beanies will be the rage this winter

Knit a beanie

Read  a novel

Novel virus

When we come out the other side

We’re saving lives, saving livelihoods

On the other side of this

What’s on the other side

You have to eat mummy’s cooking waaaaaa!

Zoom classes

Virtual tours

Toilet paper, bog roll, dunny paper

Pasta, rice, booze

You get it online


There’s a list online

But where?

Can you tell me where to get it online? You know, that list?

Essential items only

I even bought seeds

What a twat

Oh, no she was right

I’m going out of business

We are hibernating business

I’m hibernating

Introvert’s dream

Abusive family’s nightmare

I can’t distance myself from that

Mental isolation

Day 5 of quarantine!

Let’s all Tik Tok


People are great

We’re all in this together

It’s the China virus

That’s racist Mr President

Because it came from China

We are in an unusual time

Our health system will not cope

Get tested

Test test test

It’s a test alright

Mass graves

The ice rink is a morgue

It’s a conspiracy

It’s caused by 5G

Trump did this

The Illuminati are scared too

Oh poor you

Get a grip!

This is the off switch we needed

Did you tell them to turn it off then on again?

I think they’re doing that now.