Anyone for Chess? A poem by Brenda McMinn

I am a chess piece now which will I be?

I could be a castle striding along, making a bee-

Line (sorry) for the supermarket shelf and grab what I see!

Any toilet rolls left?


I could be a pawn looking anxiously about,

After all I am expendable, being an oldie and susceptible to gout (sorry again)

One or two steps at a time, if you want me to hear you may have to shout

Hope there’s something left on the shelf!


Maybe I’ll be a Bishop I can walk a diagonal line,

I often find myself wandering looking for a sign

Of the baked beans hope I get there in time!

Are Bishops meant to be devious?


No today I am a knight in armour shining bright,

Greeting, with a smile everyone in sight,

2 steps forward, one to the side, sometimes vice- versa I think that’s right.

One day maybe I’ll be a Queen and go wherever I like, or even the King but for now I am at the Check-out-mate.