I miss my Mum the most – A Poem by Fotoula Reynolds

In the year that feels
More than yesterday
And less than tomorrow
A vibration of uncertainty
Trickles throughout the hills 

Wood smoke fills the air on rainy days
And I think the lyrebirds search for
Puffing Billy in the gullies
Business is not as usual
Belgrave is eerily soundless 

In the crevices of stone
Fragile flowers thrive
Pendulous pale yellow buds
Blossom on the Acacia tree
And Mt Dandenong is king 

Beneath a marble fountain
Bees sleep on love
In a humble garden
We eat and talk in given light
A sociable distance we keep 

I touch the tall trees without a mask
Their oxygen enters humanity’s lungs
As the virus floats about unseen
I miss my Mum the most
I’m glad the currawongs are here 

Living inside a vortex-like pandemic
Keeps the community at home and
Connecting via the online world
It is the sage of the season
And that is the fact of beauty