Nature Strips & Roadsides

Nature strips provide a buffer between residential dwellings and the road. They also help with the delivery of essential services such as water, electricity and gas.

We mow roadsides at intersections and high traffic areas to improve the safety of our roads and footpaths. We also mow some roadsides around towns, shopping areas and tourist destinations.

Want to make some changes to your nature strip? Find information on what you can do on our Nature Strip and Roadside Guideline Summary 

Roadside slashing program

We have an annual roadside slashing program to reduce fire fuel and hazards on a large number of local roads.

View the list of roads and reserves on Council's roadside slashing program.

Planting guidelines for nature strips and roadsides

View our roadside and nature strip planting guidelines online.

Indigenous plants are preferred for nature strips and roadside reserves.

Environmental weeds should not be planted. View a list of environmental weeds(PDF, 7MB).

View more information about our Roadside Weeds & Pest Control Plan.(PDF, 556KB)