Street Tree Program

  • Project typeStreet tree planting
  • Project scheduleJuly to September 2024

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The Benefits of Trees

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Council is committed to planting street trees to beautify our streetscapes, improve community health & wellbeing, and sustain the environment. Trees offer significant environmental, economic, and social benefits. Each year we plant and renew street trees in select built-up areas where tree canopy cover is lowest. This includes:

  • Planting new trees on nature strips without trees
  • Replacing (renewing) existing trees of poor health, structure, and/or short useful life expectancy
  • Retaining existing healthy trees.

Tree Work Maps - 2024

We are finalising locations for planting in 2024. Check in again soon.

Please note: residents in affected streets will be notified before tree works start.

Street Tree Program FAQ's

What type of street tree will be planted?

Using the Tree Work Map for your suburb, click on the tree symbols to see the types of trees being planted. If there is no map for your suburb or no tree symbol on a nature strip, this means a tree is not being planted.

What if I want a different type of street tree?

The large scale of the street tree program means we order trees from nurseries one year in advance. For this reason, changing the tree type at planting time is problematic. We aim to select the right tree for the right place. This means we select street trees that can tolerate tough growing conditions and are suitable to coexist with roadside infrastructure. If you prefer trees with a particular flower, foliage, colour, or scent, we encourage planting these types of trees in private gardens.

I don't want a new street tree on my nature strip, can it be removed?

Trees offer significant environmental, economic, and social benefits. Street trees are critical infrastructure that improves the liveability of our communities. For this reason, street trees will be given every chance to grow and perform as intended. If you would like the position of a newly planted street tree adjusted on your nature strip, or if you have concerns, please contact our Tree Management Team.

Why are street trees being removed?

We are removing some street trees that have poor health, structure, and/or short useful life expectancy. Existing healthy trees are being retained. Compared to the total number of new street trees planted, tree removal represents a small percentage of our programmed work. Where street trees are removed, replacement planting is being undertaken wherever possible.

My street/suburb is not part of this year's Street Tree Program, can I have a street tree?

Each year we select areas to plant and renew street trees – built-up areas with the lowest tree canopy cover are our priority. If the street where you live is not part of this year's Street Tree Program, you can request a new street tree for your nature strip by submitting an online request. One of our arborists will review the request, and if we assess that the location is suitable, a new tree will be planted during the next planting season (autumn - spring).

Do I need to water new street trees?

The community is not expected to maintain street trees. Council undertakes maintenance for two years after planting until trees become established. Our maintenance involves watering trees during warmer months, weed control, re-mulching, adjusting tree stakes and ties, formative pruning, and replacing trees that are dead or sick.

Contact details

Tree Management Team
1300 368 333