Acacia verniciflua

Varnish Wattle

Open medium shrub to small tree, sometimes weeping, young branchlets have broad yellow bands between slightly raised pale yellowish ribs.

Additional information

  • FamilyFabaceae
  • StoreyMiddle storey
  • Size1-3 m x 2-4 m
  • Plant groupingShrubs 1.5-10 m
  • LeavesLeaves shiny, sticky, light green, variable in shape 2-7 cm x 2-15 mm. Leaves have 2 main veins, both arising from the base, side veins absent. The gland is 0-2 mm above the leaf base.
  • Flower colourPale to bright yellow
  • Flowering timeJuly to November
  • Flowers2-3 ball-shaped flowerheads, usually singly, in leaf axils, massed along upper branches. Narrow to narrowly-oblong pods 4-12 cm 3-6 mm, raised and sometimes sticky over seeds.
  • Bird attractingSeeds, insects
  • Butterfly attractingNo
  • Frog habitatNo
  • Growing conditionsOccurs locally in moist mountain & foothill forests. Will tolerate both wet and drier conditions. Full sun, semi & dappled shade.
  • Garden useLight screening plant. Grow under established trees.
  • Commercially availableIndigenous nursery
  • Conservation statusSignificant within the Shire. Known from very few local sites. More common outside the Shire boundary.
  • Aboriginal Use Food - seeds, pods
  • Related speciesAcacia leprosa var. uninervia and A. stictophylla have leaves with one midrib vein only. The bands of dark resin on branchlets characterises A. verniciflua.
Photographer/s: 1, 3 Marilyn Bull ©; 2 Owen Gooding ©; 4 Russell Best, NatureShare ©

Plant Communities

  • 01 Alpine Ash Montane Damp Forest (EVC 38)
  • 29 Green Scentbark Herb-rich Foothill Forest (EVC 23)
  • 07 Mountain Grey Gum Damp Forest - Central Highlands (EVC 29)
  • 32 Silvertop Ash Shrubby Foothill Forest (EVC 45)
  • 26 Red Stringybark Grassy Dry Forest - Middle Yarra (EVC 22)
  • 38 Yellow Box Valley Grassy Forest – Middle Yarra (EVC 47)
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