Lepidosperma longitudinale

Pithy Sword-sedge

Clumping perennial sedge, spreading by short underground stems. Stems ribbed, rigid but compressible, erect, strongly convex on both sides, spongy inside, margins smooth, 5-10mm wide.

Additional information

  • FamilyCyperaceae
  • StoreyLower storey
  • Size0.6-2 m x 1-3 m
  • Plant groupingGrasses, Rushes & Sedges
  • LeavesLeaves similar to stems but shorter and less convex. Sheaths shiny, reddish tipped, yellow-brown to grey-brown at base, stem base similar.
  • Flower colourRed-brown
  • Flowering timeMost of the year
  • FlowersMany spikelets in a dense narrow, oblong erect to spreading spray 15-50 cm long. Leafy bract below flowers shorter than flowerhead. Nut pale to dark brown, smooth, shiny.
  • Bird attractingSeeds
  • Butterfly attractingNo
  • Frog habitatNo
  • Growing conditionsMoist or wet soils in swampy riparian areas. Full sun, semi shade.
  • Garden useUseful plant for wet areas and around ponds and dams as edges are not sharp.
  • Commercially availableRarely
  • Conservation statusSignificant within the Shire. Known from few local sites. More common in coastal Victoria.
Photographer/s: 1, 3 Russell Best, NatureShare ©; 2 M. Fagg ©, Australian National Botanic Gardens; 4-6 Marilyn Bull ©

Plant Communities

  • 15 Scented Paperbark Riparian Thicket - Middle & Upper Yarra (EVC 59)
  • 39 Sedge Wetland Complex (EVC 136)
  • 30 Swamp Gum Swampy Riparian Woodland (EVC 83)
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