Chorizandra cymbaria

Heron Bristle-sedge

Erect rush-like perennial sedge spreading from slender underground stems. Flowering stems bluish-green maturing to yellow-green, ribbed, minutely warty, partitioned internally, to 4mm wide.

Additional information

  • FamilyCyperaceae
  • StoreyLower storey
  • Size0.3-1 m high
  • Plant groupingGrasses, Rushes & Sedges
  • LeavesFleshy leaves half to two-thirds length of flowering stem, sheaths yellow- to red-brown, loose, to 25 cm long.
  • Flower colourDark brown and white
  • Flowering timeSeptember to November
  • FlowersSingle, dense, oval flowerhead 11-15 mm long, terminal, with 10-30 spikelets; sheathed in a long bract to 10 cm which appears to extend the stem.
  • Bird attractingNo
  • Butterfly attractingNo
  • Frog habitatYes
  • Growing conditionsMoist swampy soils which dry out briefly in summer. Full sun, semi shade.
  • Garden useAn ornamental sedge for planting beside ponds, in bog gardens and moist areas.
  • Commercially availableSpecialist Australian plant nursery
  • Conservation statusSignificant within the Shire. Known from very few local sites where it is uncommon.
Photographer/s: Marilyn Bull ©

Plant Communities

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