Chamaescilla corymbosa

Blue Stars, Blue Squill, Mudrurt

Small tufted perennial herb with slender tubers 2-3m long.

Additional information

  • FamilyAsparagaceae (syn. Liliaceae, Anthericaceae)
  • StoreyLower storey
  • Size7-25 cm x 10-20 cm
  • Plant groupingLilies & Irises
  • LeavesNarrow dull green grass-like leaves 5-20 cm x 2-12 mm, usually prostrate. Lower margin often reddish. Leaves die off annually after flowering leaving a tattered basal sheath of the remains.
  • Flower colourBright blue
  • Flowering timeAugust to November
  • FlowersUpright branched terminal clusters of 2-10 flowers to 15 mm wide. Petals have 3 prominent veins. Each flower lasts one day.
  • Bird attractingNo
  • Butterfly attractingNo
  • Frog habitatNo
  • Growing conditionsMoist to seasonally wet alluvial soils in woodland and heathland. Full sun, semi shade. Limited distribution within the Shire.
  • Garden useDainty little herb found amongst other herbs and leaf litter. Grow in drifts. Plants tend to be short lived.
  • Commercially availableRarely
  • Conservation statusLocally common within its preferred growing conditions
Photographer/s: 1 David Francis, NatureShare ©; 2 Murray Fagg ©, Australian National Botanic Gardens; 3 Barry Sheffield SYR ©

Plant Communities

  • 18 Messmate Shrubby Foothill Forest - Dandenongs (EVC 45)
  • 25 Long-leaf Box Grassy Dry Forest - Southern Dandenongs (EVC 22)
  • 19 Long-leaf Box Herb-rich Foothill Forest (EVC 23)
  • 27 Red Stringybark Grassy Dry Forest - Dandenongs (EVC 22)
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