Gleichenia dicarpa

Pouched or Wiry Coral Fern

Scrambling fern forming extensive tangled colonies. Spreads by vigorous much-branched underground stems. Major frond branches have cobwebby and flat star-shaped hairs and fringed scales.

Additional information

  • FamilyGleicheniaceae
  • StoreyMiddle storey
  • Sizeto 3 m high
  • Plant groupingFerns & Fern Allies
  • LeavesErect, many branched, wiry light green fronds. Final branch narrow, 2-5 cm long, with small rounded segments, midrib scaly below. Segment margins rolled under to form a pouch. Frond stalk brown, hairless.
  • FlowersNon-flowering. 2 dull yellowish-white spore clusters within pouch on underside of segments.
  • Bird attractingHabitat - nesting and/or safety
  • Butterfly attractingNo
  • Frog habitatYes
  • Growing conditionsAcidic damp or wet soils on edges of wet forests, creeks and swamps. Fronds prefer full sun, will tolerate semi shade.
  • Garden useToo large for a small fern garden. Plant in moist gullies and swampy sites where it has plenty of room.
  • Commercially availableNever
  • Conservation statusLocally common within its preferred growing conditions
  • Related speciesThe spore clusters of Gleichenia microphylla are grouped near the midrib rather than in pouches on the edge of frond segments.
Photographer/s: 1, 2 Marilyn Bull ©; 3 Peter Kinchington ©

Plant Communities

  • 08 Mountain Grey Gum Damp Forest – Dandenongs (EVC 29)
  • 30 Swamp Gum Swampy Riparian Woodland (EVC 83)
  • 13 Manna Gum Riparian Forest - Upper Yarra (EVC 18)
  • 32 Silvertop Ash Shrubby Foothill Forest (EVC 45)
  • 15 Scented Paperbark Riparian Thicket - Middle & Upper Yarra (EVC 59)
  • 33 Mountain Swamp Gum Swampy Riparian Woodland (EVC 83)
  • 20 Messmate Lowland Forest (EVC 16)
  • 36 Scented Paperbark Riparian Thicket – Central Highlands (EVC 59)
  • 22 Silver-leaf Stringybark Heathy Woodland (EVC 48)
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