Acaena x ovina

Australian Sheep’s Burr

Erect rosette with hairy stems.

Additional information

  • FamilyRosaceae
  • StoreyLower storey
  • Size10-50 cm high
  • Plant groupingHerbs & Groundcovers <1m
  • LeavesHairy oblong leaves 8-12 cm long, with 11-29 serrated to lobed leaflets.
  • Flower colourWhite
  • Flowering timeSeptember to November
  • FlowersSmall flowers clumped in groups in a flowering spike. Spines on fruit unequal in length, 3-6 double the length of the rest.
  • Bird attractingNo
  • Butterfly attractingNo
  • Frog habitatNo
  • Growing conditionsDry to moist soils in forests and swampy sites. Full sun to dappled shade.
  • Garden useUnderstorey planting in shady gardens.
  • Commercially availableUnlikely to be available within the Shire of Yarra Ranges
  • Conservation statusLocally common within its preferred growing conditions
  • Related speciesAcaena ovina is now considered a naturally occuring hybrid between A. agnipila and A. echinata, but most similar to A. echinata. Acaena agnipila occurs in moist mountain forests. Small differences distinguish it from A. ovina such as longer leaves, to 15 cm. The major difference is the spines which are all about equal in length.
Photographer/s: Marilyn Bull ©

Plant Communities

  • 18 Messmate Shrubby Foothill Forest - Dandenongs (EVC 45)
  • 37 Yarra Gum Grassy Woodland (EVC 175)
  • 26 Red Stringybark Grassy Dry Forest - Middle Yarra (EVC 22)
  • 40 Snow Gum Grassy Woodland (EVC 175/37)
  • 27 Red Stringybark Grassy Dry Forest - Dandenongs (EVC 22)
  • 46 Silvertop Ash Heathy Dry Forest (EVC 20)
  • 30 Swamp Gum Swampy Riparian Woodland (EVC 83)
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