Gonocarpus montanus

Mat Raspwort

Mounding perennial herb with 4-angled stems, hairs pressed against the stem.

Additional information

  • FamilyHaloragaceae
  • StoreyLower storey
  • Size10-15 cm x 0.3-1 m
  • Plant groupingHerbs & Groundcovers <1m
  • LeavesPairs of leathery egg-shaped leaves 3.5-10 mm x 2-6 mm, margins thick, with 4-6 teeth.
  • Flower colourSilver-grey to reddish-purple
  • Flowering timeNovember to February
  • FlowersPairs of bracts along lower section of flowering stem, becoming scattered. Short terminal and lateral spikes with tiny red-brown bracteoles at base of insignificant flowers.
  • Bird attractingNo
  • Butterfly attractingNo
  • Frog habitatNo
  • Growing conditionsWet subalpine forests. Full sun, semi shade.
  • Garden useA small plant for moist gardens and rockeries at higher altitudes.
  • Commercially availableIndigenous nursery
  • Conservation statusSignificant within the Shire. Known from few local sites but generally abundant at those locations. More common outside the Shire boundary.
Photographer/s: 1 Richard Hartland ©; 2, 3 Marilyn Bull ©

Plant Communities

  • 01 Alpine Ash Montane Damp Forest (EVC 38)
  • 05 Mountain Ash Forest - Central Highlands (EVC 30)
  • 04 Alpine Ash Montane Wet Forest (EVC 39)
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