Cynoglossum suaveolens

Sweet Hound's Tongue

Erect to spreading non-prickly herb which grows from a basal rosette.

Additional information

  • FamilyBoraginaceae
  • StoreyLower storey
  • Size0.1-1 m x 0.5-1.5 m
  • Plant groupingHerbs & Groundcovers <1m
  • LeavesLeaves are wavy, narrow to broad oblong 7-20 cm x 7-25 mm, covered in stiff hairs, leaves reducing in size up the stem.
  • Flower colourWhite
  • Flowering timeMost of the year
  • FlowersFragrant small flowers held erect on leafy, branched flowering stems. Flower stalk curves downward in fruit.
  • Bird attractingNo
  • Butterfly attractingNo
  • Frog habitatNo
  • Growing conditionsWell drained moist soils in open forests. Full sun to dappled shade.
  • Garden useExcellent in a container, as a rockery plant or used as a soil binder on embankments. While the flowers are very small the perfume is very strong.
  • Commercially availableNo information available
  • Conservation statusScattered in a few locations within the Shire.
Photographer/s: Marilyn Bull ©

Plant Communities

  • 18 Messmate Shrubby Foothill Forest - Dandenongs (EVC 45)
  • 25 Long-leaf Box Grassy Dry Forest - Southern Dandenongs (EVC 22)
  • 19 Long-leaf Box Herb-rich Foothill Forest (EVC 23)
  • 27 Red Stringybark Grassy Dry Forest - Dandenongs (EVC 22)
  • 20 Messmate Lowland Forest (EVC 16)
  • 38 Yellow Box Valley Grassy Forest – Middle Yarra (EVC 47)
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