Almaleea subumbellata

Wiry Bush-pea

Slender trailing to erect sub-shrub.

Additional information

  • SynonymPultenaea subumbellata
  • FamilyFabaceae
  • StoreyLower storey
  • Size0.3-0.6 m high
  • Plant groupingShrubs to 2m
  • LeavesNarrow, oblong pointed leaves, 5-12 mm x 1-2 mm. Broad central purple-brown band on underside.
  • Flower colourRed and yellow
  • Flowering timeOctober to December
  • FlowersTerminal clusters of 4-10 pea flowers surrounded at base by small floral leaves. Flower base very hairy.
  • Bird attractingNo
  • Butterfly attractingNo
  • Frog habitatNo
  • Growing conditionsMoist to wet swampy sites. Shade.
  • Garden useBog gardens, wet sites, beside water areas. Grows with sedges.
  • Commercially availableSpecialist Australian plant nursery
  • Conservation statusSignificant within the Shire. Known from very few local sites. More common outside the Shire boundary.
Photographer/s: Marilyn Bull ©

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