47 Open Water - Reservoirs, lakes, etc (EVC 718)


Community structure 

This is a collective name for various zones of vegetation associated with the floors and verges of freshwater lakes. Central deeper areas support Aquatic Herbland, Submerged Aquatic Herbland or open water (and bare earth or Lake Bed Herbland when dry). A range of communities can occur on the fringes. Two areas that will be included in this community within the Shire are Aquatic Sedgeland and Deep Freshwater Marsh. 

EVC 308 Aquatic Sedgeland 

Very species-poor dominated by one to several species of robust inundation-tolerant sedges which grow from rhizomes (underground stems) extending into permanent water. 

EVC 681 Deep Freshwater Marsh 

Herbland of permanent wetlands, dominated by sedges (especially on shallower verges) and/or aquatic herbs. 


Fertile soils in permanently water bodies such as lakes, rivers, reservoirs. Plants tend to grow on the verges of these water areas, different species venturing into different depths of water up to about 2m deep. Some plants are floating and will cover surfaces of water, not requiring root in soil. These areas are found on reservoirs, in billabongs such as on the Yarra Flats around Yarra Glen, lakes and private dams on farms. 

Typical suburbs/areas occurring in this EVC are:   Yarra Glen, Healesville, Upper Yarra Dam, Silvan Dam, Lillydale Lake, Yellingbo Lake, streams. 

Plant listings