45 Lemon Bottlebrush Rocky Outcrop Shrubland (EVC 28)


Community structure 

Low, open eucalypt forest or shrubland with a poor form to 20m tall and an open crown cover. The middle storey (may be equivalent to the upper storey) the is dominated by Callistemon pallidus (Yellow Bottlebrush). The middle storey includes a low sparse to dense layer of needle-leaf or heathy plants and peas. Grasses, lilies, herbs and ferns form an open ground cover. 


Rocky skeletal soils on exposed sub-alpine granite outcrops on ridge tops and steep slopes. This is a rare community found in a fews places within the Shire near Mt. St. Leonard, Ben Cairn and Seven Acre Rock area (just to the outer edge of the Shire in the Bunyip state Forest) 

Typical suburbs/areas occurring in this EVC are:  Mt. St. Leonard, Ben Cairn, ridge along Bunyip Rd (probably all outside the Shire) 

Plant listings