42 Yellow Box Valley Grassy Forest - Christmas Hills (EVC 47)


Community structure 

Woodland or open forest to 20m high with an upper storey of mixed eucalypts including Eucalyptus melliodora (Yellow Box) and E. obliqua (Messmate). A sparse, low middle storey of wattles, heaths and peas grows over a ground layer of tussock grasses with other grass species and a rich diversity of herbs, lilies and sedges, especially in moist seasons. In drier seasons or in drier sections the species level may be sparser and less diverse. 


Remnants of this community are scattered to the west of the Shire in the protected lower undulating slopes and valleys of the foothills to the north of the Yarra River in a band along Steels Creek Rd and in Dixons Creek area. These areas have a moderate rainfall and fertile, moist well drained alluvial soils. 

Typical suburbs/areas occurring in this EVC are:  Steels Creek, Dixons Creek 

Plant listings