41 Swamp Paperbark Riparian Thicket (EVC 59)


Community Structure 

Shrubland with dense thickets of Melaleuca ericifolia (Swamp Paperbark) to 10m high. Occasional emergent eucalypts such as Eucalyptus ovata (Swamp Gum) occur. There are limited shrubs and the ground layer includes grasses, rushes and sedges. 


This is a severely degraded vegetation community scattered along flood plains of large streams and rivers to the west of Healesville. Many areas have been drained and cleared for agricultural use and housing. A few remnants remain along Brushy Creek, Yarra River and Yellingbo. 

Typical suburbs/areas occurring in this EVC are:  Montrose, North Croydon/Wonga Park, Coldstream West, Coldstream, Yarra Glen, Yering. 

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