10 Southern Sassafras Cool Temperate rainforest (EVC 31)


Community structure 

Tall open forest with Eucalyptus regnans (Mountain Ash) up to 40m high over an open layer of Atherosperma moschatum (Southern Sassafras) and Acacia melanoxylon (Blackwood). A limited range of lower trees, shrubs and tree ferns occur above a ground storey dominated by ferns and epiphytic ferns and mosses. 


Very restricted occurrence in well protected gullies up to 500m within  the Wet Forests of the Dandenong Ranges, in high rainfall areas protected from fire. These areas are of high botanical significance due to their limited distribution. 

Typical suburbs/areas occurring in this EVC are:  

Sherbrooke Forest from Sassafras to Kallista, especially along the upper reaches of the Hardy and Sassafras Creeks. 

Plant listings