02 Shining Gum Montane Wet Forest (EVC 39)


Community structure 

Open forest, dominated by an upper storey to 30m high, principally of Eucalyptus nitens (Shining Gum) or closed scrub in wet gullies. Gullies are dominated by dense stands of Nothofagus cunninghamii (Myrtle Beech) and Leptospermum grandifolium (Mountain Tea-tree). The middle storey includes Acacia dealbata (Silver Wattle) and other tall shrubs protecting a ground layer of ferns, especially Polystichum proliferum and Blechnum wattsii, with scattered herbs, lilies and sedges. 


Found in a few scattered locations within the Shire above 1000m in high rainfall areas, growing on the most sheltered wet sites such as gully heads and south facing slopes. Soils are deep, fertile and well-drained but may remain saturated for long periods. Occurs near the north eastern and south eastern boundaries of the Upper Yarra Catchment on the east of the Shire and in isolated patches around Mt. Donna Buang and Mt. St. Leonard. It is often growing close to Alpine Ash Montane Damp Forest. 

Some of the occurences of this EVC are of regional significance due to their restricted distributuion. 

Typical suburbs/areas occurring in this EVC are:  

South of Woods Point Road near Fifteen Mile, above Toorongo and Myrrhee, Starvation Creek head waters, below Mt. Donna Buang between Myrtle Gully and Ben Cairn, Mt. St. Leonard near Toolangi. 

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