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Landcare & Friends groups

Environmental Volunteers in the Yarra Ranges


What is a Friends Group?

Friends groups are local residents who work together to help conserve a particular reserve or species of native plant or animal. There are hundreds of friends groups state-wide helping to conserve and restore Victorian parks. Every group is independent and autonomous. Yarra Ranges Council and other agencies work closely with local environmental groups to help them achieve their objectives.

The Victorian Environment Friends Network can link you to your local Friends groups and members.

What are Landcare Groups?

Landcare is a national network that harnesses individuals and groups to protect, restore and sustainably manage Australia's natural environment and its productivity. With over 6000 groups nationwide, there is sure to be a group local to you. For more information visit the Landcare Australia website.

For information on local Landcare groups and members visit:

Yarra Ranges Landcare Network

Northern Yarra Landcare Network

Southern Ranges Environment Alliance (SREA)

Join a group

Joining a group is a wonderful opportunity to network and connect with your local community.

We provide support to more than 75 environmental volunteer groups, so it’s likely that you have a group nearby. Groups are always looking for new members. View the environmental volunteer group locations (PDF, 4MB) and group list (PDF, 25KB).

Start a group

You can establish your own group. All you have to do is get together with like minded people and contact the Environmental Volunteer Support Officer on 1300 333 368. For more information on forming a group and/or becoming a volunteer please view the Environmental Volunteer Guidelines (PDF, 4MB).

The Environmental Volunteer Support Officer supports and strengthens groups and volunteers through events, resources and training aimed at raising community awareness of environmental values.

For more information on starting or joining a Friends or Landcare Group contact the Environmental Volunteer Support Officer on 1300 368 333 or email  

Hardware Vouchers.

We have $30 IGA vouchers and $40 hardware vouchers available to groups. The vouchers are valid at any Yarra Ranges IGA and Launching Place Hardware. We do require that vouchers be collected from the Lilydale link or sent via email. If you would like to apply for a voucher please fill out the form below.

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