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Communities for Platypus


Platypus are only native to Eastern Australia and Tasmania and are found in the waterways of the Yarra Ranges. Research is showing that the Platypus is in decline and the Communities for Platypus works with the community to raise awareness for the Platypus and keeping our waterways clean. Artworks have been created to raise awareness of Platypus in the waterways. This includes murals at Belgrave and Warburton and sculptured rocks in Healesville.

Some of the common threats to the Platypus:

  • Opera house net are illegal in public waterways but are used to catch yabbies', these unfortunately trap platypus and they drown.
  • Litter including plastic bags, elastic bands and plastic rings travels into our waterways which can entangle and kill Platypus.

Some of the ways in which you can help the Platypus:

  • Snip bands and plastic rings before you bin them.
  • Carry your own reusable shopping bags to reduce plastic bags.
  • Use hoop nets as an alternative to opera house nets.
  • PlatypusSPOT allows you to plot your Platypus sighting in an app or online to help with research on Platypus numbers and locations.


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