Apply for a Place of Public Entertainment Permit

If you're planning a public entertainment event, you may be required to obtain an Occupancy Permit for a Place of Public Entertainment (POPE).

This is to ensure the event complies with all safety requirements, such as exits, fire safety, public amenities and if necessary that stages or other temporary structures suitably located and sound in construction.

If the area used for public entertainment is greater than 500m2, it is considered a place of public entertainment. Exemptions are in place for community organisations. Please contact our building team to find out if this applies to you.


Step 1.Get an occupancy permit if you have temporary structures

If you are putting up temporary structures for the event you must have a current occupancy permit for your temporary structure before applying for a place of public entertainment. 

A temporary structure is:

  • A stage or platform exceeding 150m2
  • A tent, marquee or booth with a floor area greater than 100m2
  • A seating stand that holds more than 20 people
  • A prefabricated building with a floor area exceeding 100m2 which is used as an assembly building / places of public entertainment.

You can apply for an occupancy permit through the Victorian Building Authority.

You may also need consent from Council for the temporary structure.

Step 2.Complete the Places of Public Entertainment form

Complete and sign the application form(PDF, 156KB), including your contact details, event location, size and time.

Return the application to any of our Community Links, by email or in the post to PO Box 105 Lilydale 3140.

Step 3.Assessment process

The size of the event determines the processing time.  Please make sure you submit your application within the timelines below.

  • Events with less than 5,000 occupants  - no less than 15 working days before the event
  • Events with 5,000 - 10,000 occupants - no less than 20 working days before the event
  • Events with over 10,000 occupants -  no less than 60 working days before the event

Download the Public Place of Entertainment application form(PDF, 156KB)