Building permits and surveyors

This is general advice and may not apply specifically to your property. For more detailed information on your personal circumstances please contact the Rebuilding Planning Team on 9294 6999.

To build any structure, you will need to obtain a building permit. To apply for a building permit, you need to appoint a building surveyor – the permits are managed through them.

Building surveyors

The role of the building surveyor is to ensure that your building is being built correctly. Building surveyors are professionals trained in understanding the building process. They are responsible for issuing building permits, carrying out mandatory inspections during the build process and having the authority to take enforcement action to ensure building work complies with regulatory requirements and standards.

You will need to appoint a building surveyor for any project that requires a building permit. So the surveying process remains independent, the builder can't appoint the building surveyor.

In your building permit, your building surveyor will:

  • Specify the mandatory inspections that will be required throughout the course of the building work
  • provide certificate of a final inspection and certificate of occupancy on completion of the building work.

A registered building surveyor is authorised to:

  • assess building permit applications for compliance with laws and construction codes
  • issue building and occupancy permits, and certificates of final inspection
  • conduct building inspections at the mandatory notification stages
  • give directions to fix non-compliant building work
  • serve building notices and orders.

Council does not issue building permits, you can search for a private building surveyor on the Victorian Building Authority website.