Lilydale Structure Plan

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Lilydale is one of the biggest towns in the Yarra Ranges and the gateway to the Yarra Valley.

It’s also one of our fastest-growing towns and in coming years, significant projects will dramatically alter the way the town looks and functions.

These projects include the level crossing removal and the development of the former Lilydale quarry.

We now need a new structure plan to map out how Lilydale will look in the next 20 to 30 years.

The Structure Plan will use the significant community feedback we gathered for the Lilydale Place Plan, expert analysis and new comments from our community to guide Council’s decisions on the town’s future.

Once the plan is completed, it will contain an action list, including:

  • recommended changes to the planning scheme
  • key infrastructure improvements
  • capital works projects
  • advocacy positions for Council to the State Government, or public agencies, for issues outside Council’s control
  • further, more detailed work, such as precinct planning and urban design

In developing a structure plan, there are a number of opportunities for public engagement. At an early stage, it is common to consult on a public discussion paper.  Consultation to the public has now closed. Read the feedback(PDF, 742KB)

Community Reference Group (CRG) has been set up, who we will communicate with throughout the development of the Structure Plan. Meeting notes are available to download below:

This work then leads on to development of a Draft Structure Plan, which is also consulted on, and a Final Structure Plan. More information about the process is contained in the Frequently Asked Questions.

Read the paper(PDF, 111MB)

Learn more

As part of the public consultation that recently occurred, a series of online webinar presentations were done, which was a chance to the public to be briefed on the Issues and Opportunities Paper and to ask questions. Below is a recording of one of our webinars.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a structure plan?

We use structure plans to guide Council decisions for a place over 20 to 30 years. The plan, which is developed with community feedback, sets expectations for the kinds of development Council and the community wish to see in an area. This plan can then be used by the private sector, members of the public and other government agencies to plan appropriate development that matches what Council and the community want.

The main focuses of structure plans are land use and development issues, urban design, transport, infrastructure and the local economy – what an area looks like in terms of physical spaces and services.

A structure plan contains an action list with further goals. Some of the actions can’t be achieved by Council alone, and can involve advocacy to other level levels of government or working with private organisations. 

Why is a new structure plan needed for Lilydale?

Lilydale has an existing structure plan from 2006, and this is now largely outdated, due to the high level of change now occurring, with major investment in the town centre such as:

  • The redevelopment of the former Lilydale quarry site
  • The level crossing removal works
  • The expected growth of Box Hill Institute
  • Council’s Civic Centre redevelopment

A new structure plan is a chance for us to update our plans for Lilydale’s future with these projects in mind, and to check in with the community about how they would like to see their town grow.

What area does the structure plan cover?

Lilydale is a large area which includes the commercial land in the town centre, surrounding industrial and residential land, and extending south to the former Lilydale quarry land and Box Hill Institute, as shown below:

lilydale boundary map.jpg

What is the process to create a structure plan?

In Lilydale’s case, the structure plan process will be informed by the Lilydale Place Plan, which was approved by Council in 2019, and created a strong vision for the town.

The structure plan process begins with background and technical analysis, which then follows on to a public discussion paper (where we are now), which is an opportunity to explore Lilydale’s issues and opportunities.

We received a large amount of feedback from community members through public consultation. Read the collated feedback.

After this consultation period, we’ll create a Draft Structure Plan. This will also undergo extensive community consultation, to make sure it matches the community feedback and Council’s priorities.

Based on the feedback we receive on the Draft, a Final Structure Plan is prepared. This is then presented to Council to consider for approval. The public is informed when this occurs and after approval, planning begins for implementation to occur of the various projects the plan identifies.

What is the and the expected timeframe to create a structure plan?

Creating a structure plan typically takes 1 to 2 years, depending on the complexity of the given area.

When a structure plan is finalised, projects will be completed over the next 20 to 30 years. This involves:

  • changes to the planning scheme
  • key infrastructure improvements
  • capital works projects by Council
  • advocacy by Council to the State Government, or public agencies, for issues outside Council’s control
  • further more detailed work, such as precinct planning and urban design

What are the main issues the Paper identifies?

Lilydale Bypass

Arguably the largest issue in the paper concerns the need for a formal Council position on whether the Lilydale Bypass should be constructed.

This project has been discussed since the 1970s and would need significant State Government funding to be completed.

Given the large growth in population, it is time for a formal position on this. We will use the structure plan and consultation with the community to determine whether Council supports the Lilydale bypass, or does not.

Residential Growth

Leading from the Place Plan vision, the Structure Plan will determine whether Lilydale can have higher density residential development in and around the commercial land in the town centre, such as apartments. The Structure Plan will inform any changes to the Planning Scheme about allowing higher density development.

Community Centre

Strong feedback was received through the Place Plan that there was a need for spaces in the town for community members to meet and gather. We’re asking for more detail about this.

Main Street

There is potential for Main Street, Lilydale to become a more pedestrian-friendly space, with more tree planting, cycling infrastructure and better connections to parks and nearby streets.


We conducted a heritage review of Main Street, Lilydale and found that some properties are not currently protected by heritage planning controls, but are significant to the history of the town. We’re asking for feedback from community members about this. 

How does this relate to the Lilydale Place Plan?

The Lilydale Place Plan, adopted by Council in 2019, creates an overarching vision for Lilydale’s future. The Structure Plan now seeks to explore design changes to the town to achieve this vision.

Learn more about the Lilydale Place Plan