Dust Suppressant


Council applies dust suppressant to certain roads to minimise the dust around roads in the Yarra Ranges.


dust suppressant trucks.png

What is dust suppressant?

The dust suppressant Council uses is an Australian made solution. The solution acts as a stabiliser and binds the road surface which minimises dust.

How long does dust suppressant last?

The dust suppressant product is estimated to be effective for a period of 6-8 weeks, this is dependent on weather and other road conditions.

How is dust suppressant applied to the road?

The dust suppressant application follows the grading program.

To apply dust suppressant a truck will first apply water to the road. This assists with the dust suppressant solution binding to the surface of the road.

After water has been applied, a truck will spray the dust suppressant solution to the road.

Other dust suppressant benefits include:

  • Reduction of particles becoming air borne (note: no product will eliminate dust entirely and product is effective for a limited time)
  • Resistance to traffic wear and retention in pavement
  • Resistance to ageing and biodegradable
  • Easily applied with common road maintenance equipment 
  • Workable and responsive to maintenance

What roads do we treat? 

We treat more than 200km of unsealed roads each year. The dust suppressant treatment is applied in conjunction with programmed maintenance grading of roads, which occurs from November through to January. Significant storm events will delay the commencement and duration of the program. Only one treatment is applied per year for the roads listed.

View the list of roads to be treated(PDF, 450KB)

Resident Funded Dust Suppressant 

Applications for the Resident Funded Dust Suppressant have now closed.

Please note: We do not treat privately owned properties, roads, driveways accesses or carriageway easements.

  • Residents can apply and pay to have dust suppressant applied to their road if the road is listed on Councils Road Register for maintenance and not on Council's dust suppressant list.(PDF, 450KB)

  • Applications for the 2023/24 program will be open from mid September to end of October 2023. Late applications are not accepted. 

  • The minimum length you may apply for is 100m and in increments of 50m

  • The dust suppressant product is estimated to be effective for a period of 6-8 weeks, this is dependent on weather, traffic volume and other road conditions. Due to these factors, no guarantee is provided by Council regarding the success of the dust suppressant treatment.

  • Dust suppressant can only be applied once, and no refunds are available.